Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This and that!

Hola you lovely people, how the devil are you?

Today’s post may be a bit of a hot potch of various things, so hang on in there with me.

I’ve just had a lovely August Bank Holiday weekend with friends in the UK. Yes, we in Ireland have our August Bank Hol the first weekend in August, not the last weekend like you in the UK. As it happens I’m using the UK one this year as a long weekend for me too, but that’s another story.

I was with two of my best friends near Reading. Haven’t seen them both for a good while so it was great to catch up. Also got to spend time with my godson, who’s 5 today. Happy birthday sweetheart. My godson is autistic and I’m always conscious that although he knows who I am, thanks to frequent visits and his mum keeping my presence alive with various pics etc, because he doesn’t see me all that regularly, he is likely to be a little shy with me at first. This was exactly the case on Sunday, but I’ve been around enough children to know that there’s no point in forcing them to interact with you. Kids aren’t stupid, they’ll soon work out you’re ok. To that effect I was very pleased when my godson gradually came out of his shell with me and we spent some lovely time playing in the garden. The best bit was when his mum came back from a toilet trip with him and told me that he’d turned round to her and said “You know what I just realised Mummy? Auntie Sandra isn’t scary at all”. We laughed, but I was overjoyed by this. The last time I saw him was Christmas, and a number of factors in this visit meant it was a stressful time for him, and so it figured that that was his association with me. I hope the fun we had this weekend has superseded that. I love spending time with him, he’s a real character and often blows me away with the facts he comes out with. I learnt more about wild flowers and farm equipment this weekend than I’ve ever learnt in my 31 years previously! I’ve bought him a Space Hopper for his birthday, but thanks to the wonders of online ordering, it didn’t arrive in time for my visit. He’ll get it in the next few days and I’m hoping he’ll love it.

This time last year was a bit of a tense time for me, so I’m happy to say that this year is much better. They say things happen in 3s and last year they certainly did. A friends mum passed away after a long illness at the end of July then Jo’s nan passed away suddenly at the end of July also. I’ve told you about Jo before, and her family are almost like my adopted family. I was on a works do when I got the call from Jo and I was primarily devastated for her and her family, but I was also upset, having known Kath quite well and spent some lovely time with her over the last 8 years or so. I was able to travel back for the funeral which I was glad of, again primarily to be there for Jo but also so say a little goodbye to Kath myself.

And then the third thing involved my own mother. I don’t talk about my mum on here a lot, for reasons those who know me personally will understand. I may expand further one day, not fully decided yet. For those that don’t know me at that level, it’s a long and convoluted story. I love my mother, but our relationship isn’t straight forward. She isn’t straightforward. And last year she was very ill and spent a fair amount of time in hospital. It was a worrying time for me and my sisters, and unknown territory for me, in that I can deal with the ‘norm’ of my mum, anything outside that throws me terribly. This was the same. But, we came through it, as did she. We’re 12 months on now, which is a bit of a milestone. The future remains to be seen.

As for other little bits with me, have a wedding this weekend in Co. Wicklow, not too far from where I live. Looking forward to that! The sun continues to shine (most of the time!) which is great, feel like we’ve had a real summer this year.

I’ve also discovered Absolute Radio. When I was away with college friends the other weekend, the radio was always on and I noticed the great mix of songs. Very much like listening to my iPod, but with a bit of “Why don’t I own this song?!” thrown in there too. Since being back at work I’ve listened to Absolute most days, and am listening to Absolute 90s now. It’s not the shit 90s stuff either, it’s the good stuff; Cast, Oasis, Prodigy, Daft Punk etc. Oh, they did play Vanilla Ice earlier, we’ll let them off for that!

Anyways, I’m off shopping now. Normally I abhor shopping, but I’m in the mood for it today. Want to get something with spots on. I love spots!

A short post for you this time, aren’t you the lucky ones?!

Until next time, much love.



Sara Louise said...

I'm laughing at the shopping bit at the end because I saw your FB post yesterday before reading this ;) I cannot handle trying on clothes when it's hot out, everything makes me feel like a sausage.

dontlikeberries said...

Yes, I was a little too enthusiastic yesterday and was soon brought crashing back down to earth! My flatmate looked at me like I had two heads when I said I'd gone shopping "Because I was in the mood". Lesson learnt. :-/