Monday, April 7, 2014

Where've I been?!

Hi there....

Remember me? Apparently I'm this blog's author, but appear to have forgotten what I'm doing. That's not entirely true, but things have been a little bit mad for the last 6 months and I've just not had time to sit down and write!

I do feel bad for neglecting the (albeit few) but very valuable readership I have.  Normal service will be resumed shortly, I promise.

But to tide you over, here's a quick run down of the last 6 months:

 - A very good friend got engaged and asked me to be her bridesmaid. Have been organising the hen do since November, and it's this weekend. Sent out the final details for it today. I feel slightly bereft, I've lived and breathed the organisation of this hen weekend for the last 4 months. What do I do now?!! It promises to be a great weekend though, and I'm super excited. I couldn't have organised it without the truly fabulous folks at Wonky Sheep though. I'll give more details another time but they deserve a big shout out

- My parents have sold their house and are moving in 4 weeks (hopefully). I have mixed emotions about this. We moved there when I was 14, and even though I moved out when I was 19, I've called that place home for 18 years. I will miss it lots, and have lots of memories there. I think that may well be a soon to come blog post!

 - Work has been utterly stupid. I'd mentioned previously about an acquisition and work being busy because of it. That hasn't changed. But, it keeps me out of trouble...ish. Let's face it, I wouldn't be me if there wasn't a bit of mischief going on!

- One of my best friends is pregnant with her second son, due in 3 weeks. Her eldest is my godson, so I'm looking forward to the new arrival. Will be seeing them in July to meet the little one!

- I spent Christmas and New Year in Dubai with the wife. Had a fabulous time, had a spectacular view of the record breaking NYE fireworks from her apartment over looking the Burj Khalifa. That's another thing for me to blog about fully!

 - One of the girls in my close friend circle in Dublin has gotten engaged and is expecting her first child in July. Alongside this, we've started a weekly "Come Dine with Me" type effort between the 6 of us. It's been fabulous. Try and get all 6 of us together on a weekend and it takes months of planning. But for the last 10 weeks, we've met for dinner on a Tuesday. It's great, we all have such busy schedules that it's fab that we can have a weekly catch up. 

I think those are the major points. I promise I'll write something more substantial soon, I do have a fair bit to say, and even just writing this has reminded me how cathartic I find writing posts! And to tide you over, here's a pic of me and two of the girls in the pub for the rugby on the day Ireland won the 6 nations...wooooo!!! 

Much love, 

Long absent me!


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