Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greenfly, Rainbows and Buses!

Well, hi there. Not really sure where to start with this, I only decided this afternoon to start a blog so this is a bit off the cuff! I've been told a few times that I should write a book about the events in my life, and I don't quite have the inclination for that but I think I can manage to keep this up! What do I want to get out of this? Well, I suppose I want to share my various experiences as an English Girl living in Dublin, alongside my pet hates, grievances and random rants! Whether anyone will read or follow this is another matter, but I can but try!

Life in Dublin can be very interesting, I've been here almost 3 years now and I'm still surprised by some of the stuff I experience. Now in fairness, not all of the stuff I encounter is Irish specific, but this being the first city I've lived in it seems heightened somehow!

It always amazes me how much Dublin grinds to a halt when it rains. For a city that seems to experience a fair bit of rain, you'd expect that the inhabitants would be used to a bit of wet every now and then. Apparently not! I woke up this morning to driving rain and crawling traffic on the road into work. What a joyful journey.....at least I wasn't soaked by a passing car like I was last week! Merrily walking along singing away to my iPod when whoosh, a wave of water hits me full on. It was a true comedy moment, I swore very loudly whilst kind of half crouched down, dripping with water as the car sped on its merry way! Then I laughed, straightened up and carried on my way to work, giggling to myself for most of the journey actually whilst obviously soaked to the bone, getting a few funny looks from passers by! Figured there was nothing I could do but laugh, I knew the guys in work would laugh when I told them so I may as well beat them to it! Well, I did have one wet bum cheek and one dry one, quite obviously so! I think I dried off about lunchtime....!

And what's with all the greenfly around at the moment?! I seem to end up covered in them on my way home on an evening now, shouldn't they all have died out now? Or maybe they're just hanging around to piss me off. Tonight I failed to notice that the bus shelter had a fair few of the buggers on it and leant on it as normal, trying to look nonchalant whilst waiting for the bus....well, every car that seems to go by has a good nosy at the people at the bus stop, I feel very exposed! Then there's the people on the actual buses that stop at the bus stop, all having a good gawk at the people still waiting for their bus. I suppose I should just stare them out but I don't, although I may do going forward.....I'll try it and let you know how I get on! Anyway, I digress, back to the greenfly. I notice a little fellow casually walking across my chest, so I flick him off, then I spot another on my arm, so I flick him off too. Only then do I take stock of the bus shelter I'm leant on and realise there's lots of greenfly on it, now happily transferring themselves to me! I now start a frenzied attack on said greenfly on my person, flicking away like a woman possessed and stomping my feet to get the hitchhikers off my trousers. This procures some rather funny looks from the people round me and I swear to god one women actually took a step away from me! I spent the rest of my journey home paranoid that I was still infested and couldn't shake off that tickly feeling, in fact it's back now as I write this, arrggh!

On the upside, I get off the bus to an absolutely gorgeous rainbow, a full one too, clear as anything against the blue sky, it makes me smile as I wait to cross the road to home. Watching the ever present game of "will I risk crossing now whilst the lights are red or will I wait till the green man in case the lights changes as I'm halfway across..." of everyone around me. I play this game myself and today decide I'll wait for the green man. The girls on the opposite side of the road don't and start to cross whilst immersed in an apparently thrilling conversation before being blasted loudly by the bus' horn as they dawdle across the road as the lights turn green, then seem surprised as to the drivers reaction! Lets not get me started on ranting about this, that's for another time!

Wow, writing this has been strangely therapeutic! I could get used to this! Until next time my friends.....take it easy!

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