Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teasing buses!

What is with people and buses? There'll be 12 of you at a bus stop and the right bus approaches for 5 of them, one puts their arm out and the bus starts to indicate......but, just in case the bus is just teasing them and will not really pull in, the other 4 people put their arm out too. Do they thing that the bus driver will stop to let one on, then move to the next person and pick them up and so on? What's the point of more than one person flagging the bus down, esp once the bus is indicating to show it's pulling in? Is there any need? Really, is there?
My morning bus is full of school kids, and I mean full. About 50 of the beggars pile off at one stop half way through the journey. All the people standing up on the bus move to fill the seats downstairs and a few upstairs. But what gets me me is that the people waiting at the bus stop for all the kids to pile off, get on the bus but seeing the downstairs bit is full....just stand up! They've just seen LOADS of kids get off the bus from upstairs so they know there are seats, so why not take them?! Why stand up, crowding the bus when there is no need because there are seats upstairs?! Come on people!!

Walking to work t'other day and was getting seriously fecked off with the rain. It would spit, then stop then spit some more, then stop. I was fed up of putting my brolly up and down every 2 minutes like something out of Mary Poppins so I just gave it up as a bad job and put the umbrella away. My hair's curly anyway so it's no real bother if it gets wet. But no sooner had I put the umbrella away, it started to rain, hard. I was optimistic and thought "Ah sure, it'll stop in a minute..." but it carried on.....and I got wetter......finally sucummbed and got my brolly out.....and it fucking stopped!!!! Excuse my language there but I was less than impressed! I need to invest in a proper waterproof coat so I just have a hood to negotiate. Bloody Irish weather.

I'm a great lover of music and couldn't live without my iPod. Music can change my mood instantly and always continues to propel me back to a specific place or time with such clarity that I sometimes find myself getting quite emotional. I've had an interesting week for various reasons and something has happened that's affected me quite profoundly. I swear my iPod is psychic because it keeps giving me songs that take are linked to the event that's happened. It's almost provided some closure though, and I've listened to the songs as they've shuffled through, having a bit of a smile to myself about things that have passed but at the same time moving on. I'm a very emotional person, always have been and I tend to live my life through music. I was made a lovely mixed CD recently (very retro I know!) of songs I'd never heard. These songs have become part of my musical loves now and will always make me smile with nice memories of the person who gave them to me.

Right, well I'm off to pack for my week away at home in the UK. Off to Most Haunted Live on Saturday, proper looking forward to that. I'm genuinely intrigued to find out whether it's all set up or not. Watch this space!

Keep Smiling!


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