Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreams..moved from Wordpress!

Not long after I started this blog, I decided that Wordpress was a much better medium and started another blog on there, with the intention of moving posts from blogspot over. That never happened, and the grass isn't always greener, hence me staying put! But, I thought it was proabably worth moving the 1 post I made on Wordpress over to here, for continuity purposes. 
So, it's below. I wrote it in Aug 2011 and it isn't my best work, but there you go. 

Enjoy, I hope! 

Hi there,
I’ve been running a blog on blogspot for a few months now but have decided to move over to WordPress. I’ll move my posts from blogspot over shortly but for the time being, here’s my first random rambling for you!
So, I had a weird dream last night, which in itself isn’t altogether unusual. I seem to go through phases of not remembering my dreams, or having relatively normal ones…to then having what can only be described as downright odd.
Last nights sample was me winning the lottery, but instead of winning €7m, like I thought, I only actually won €280,000. I could only pick it up from Marks and Spencers too, with stickers as confirmation that I’d won the money. Loads of little stickers with either words or pictures on them. But the woman who gave me the stickers told me that if the people in M&S didn’t want them she’d have them back as they were highly collectible.
The next thing I remember from the dream was me being in my university town, shopping with my husband (who I didn’t recognise as anyone I knew), but in the supermarket I saw the man I was having an affair with (again, I don’t recognise him as someone I know). My university town is tiny. It’s in the middle of Wales, with a population of just under 2000 people. When the university is in session, the population almost doubles. It’s hard to carry on doing something unsavoury in the town without someone (or everyone) knowing about it, which is what made me laugh about the dream. Having said that though, if you’re careful enough it is possible to keep stuff to yourself…but that’s another story.
If you go by the main themes in that dream then you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m motivated by money & sex!

I know there’ve been numerous studies done on dreams and I’m sure if I googled the dream I’d get analysis as to what certain parts of it mean. I can’t say I’m bothered about that though, but my dreams do amuse me.
My most memorable one, and I still think my weirdest was from a good ten years ago.
I can’t remember how I came to be in the situation I was in in the dream but I remember there was a rescue effort going on, and me and my friends were at the bottom of a hill waiting to be rescued by a helicopter. But the hill wasn’t a normal hill, it was a gigantic margarine tub….. When the helicopter landed it had to land on top of the butter and we had to make our way up the hill to get in the chopper before it sunk into the butter. Lord knows the meaning of that one!

I’ve had recurring dreams too, although not since I was a child, and they were during the time when my parents had split up so I’m not entirely surprised these manifested themselves in my subconscious given the upheaval in my life at the time.
The main recurring one involved me running down a lane with a big ball chasing me. There was a fence on either side of the lane, and I couldn’t move to the side to escape the ball as it was so big it spanned the whole lane.
Another one was me being told to go and chop down trees, but the man who was my boss constantly shouted at me as I was on the wrong patch of trees. But whenever I moved to the patch he’d told me to go to, he’d come and shout at me again. This was a horrible dream and I hated having it, more so than the ball chasing me down the lane.

I also used to have a waking dream during this time, which was decidedly odd. I occasionally still have this if I zone out of a situation sufficiently enough. It’s hard to describe but it’s like the whole world has sped up around me and I’m moving a hundred times slower than everyone else. Every movement I make feels very very jagged and it’s very disconcerting. It passes after a minute or so and the only thing I can do is wait for it to end. As a child it used to freak me out though as I used to try and quicken my movements to match the world around me, which I’m sure made me look very odd to anyone watching me at the time. I’ve not had this in a while, and it tends to be when I’m in bed and am very relaxed, but it can occasionally happen in a work situation, which is still disconcerting.

I suppose it goes to show how odd our subconscious is, and demonstrates that we only use a small proportion of our brains. I’m sure I once heard something somewhere that it’s better for your subconscious to manifest this stuff while you’re asleep than to have it festering away in the back of your brain…. As for that being valid, I have no idea. I’m not Freud and I’m certainly no psychologist! But I do know this, my odd dreams will always amuse me and I’ll always be intrigued by them.

Take it easy! x

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