Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse...

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Genuinely? What would you do?!
A colleague said that it was something she was thinking about when she couldn’t sleep the other night, and it sparked a whole conversation between some of us.

Now, it’s not something I’ve ever thought of before to be honest with you, but when the question was asked, I started thinking about it.

I live in an apartment block, on the 3rd floor. I reckon I’d be ok for a bit. Also, I live above a supermarket, in the suburbs. Hoping that the apocalypse starts in the city centre I reckon I could stock up shit loads of food from the Dunnes downstairs and the Aldi down the road and hole myself up in the apartment for a good while. But, I live close to a main commuter route, which is only 20 mins from the centre of town, so all it would take is for LUAS to be overrun by the undead and we’d be invaded.
But, I reckon that will still take a while. There are loads of stops before my gaff, they’d invade those places first surely?
Only main issue with staying in the apartment is this….you’ve got no access to weapons etc.  Well, I have a broom in the cupboard that I reckon I do some zombie damage with. But, as the colleague rightly pointed out, maybe it’d be best to get transport, get weapons and get the hell out of there...which I have to agree would be the best plan. I live across the road from a load of car garages, I could be nicking a car, stocking up from the supermarket and driving off to the local hardware store in no time! (The fact that I don’t drive isn’t something I’m factoring in here. Let’s be honest, the fact I’m talking about an event that’s never going to happen allows me to imagine I can drive!)

So, I’d be off in my jeep type thing up to Woodies to stock up on shovels and anything else weaponesque I can find. Would I pick up my mates before I fucked off into the wilderness? Course I would. Safety in numbers and all that! But, I wouldn’t be going too far, so my flatmate would be fine. As would the people who live near me…but, that means Faye and Suz, you’re probably left to look after yourself ladies. Sorry!
I’d then head south into the mountains. I’m only a 30 (ish) min drive from Sugarloaf and Glenalough. Both pretty remote places. But, they’re also a bit wildnernessy….I’d need camping gear and stuff to survive the harsh Irish winters. Ah it’s grand, I can pick those up in Woodies along with my shovels and stuff.

I reckon this plan is pretty good, the only main issue is that of procreation, should we be left out there for long enough. There might not be many other people heading to the same place as me, how do my friends and I re-start the human race? At the moment there’s only one bloke in my group and that’s my mates fiancĂ©….I think we need more male members. Sure, we’ll probably find a few strays along the road that we can pick up.

Bring on the zombies!!!  Raaarrrr.


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Sara Louise said...

Too funny! Thanks for inviting us into your zombie thoughts. x.